Custom Services

  • Custom Framed TV cabinets of any size

  • Custom Framed Mirrors

  • Custom Shelves

  • Custom Crown Moulding, base and casing installation

  • Wainscot and custom interior woodwork design and installation

 Coming soon! Custom Tin frame moldings for sconces, shelves, frames, and custom mirrors.



Framing Trends

On a frequent basis, our collection of moulding suppliers will provide new information about design trends, product offerings, technology improvements, and ways that customers can enhance the beauty of their home and office. In addition, we will provide notes, below, from the Professional Picture Framing Association that hones the capability of our framers and which will embellish the

level of satisfaction for our clients. Also, we continue to explore the new design, composition, and structure of all of the moulidngs and materials that we use. Wehen we make changes or additions, we will use this tab to update our readers and followers.

This month, Larson-Juhl has introduced a new collection of mirror film mouldings, which are not only stunning, but are very affordable. We have a collection of family photographs, that is unique in the world of framed photography, and it is so innovative in its entirety that our clients will not want to be the last to emulate this vignette in their own homes.