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Tashia Peterman Beautiful Photography with an Artists TouchTashia Peterman

Beautiful Photography with an Artists Touch

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Tashia began her career in art using various mediums, including colored pencil, ballpoint pen, watercolor, and acrylic paints. She became involved in creative photography in 1999 and has special talents in computer manipulation, photographic images, portraiture, and fine art photography. A few of her exhibits include the 2009 Palos Verde Art Center, the ‘America the Beautiful” exhibit at Dulles Airport in 2012, the Annual Flower Mart at the National Cathedral in Washington , D.C. in 2012, and in 2013, displayed her art at the Orange County Fair and received numerous winning awards. She received her Master of Photography degree in 2012 and her Photographic Craftsman degree in 2013 and she has been granted a significant profile of awards and honors as a photographic artist.



Tashia Peterman Bio

Tashia Peterman

Tashia Peterman always was considered herself a creative person. Her earlier works of art were through various mediums that included colored pencil, ballpoint pen, watercolor and acrylic paints. She went through a long period away from using her artistic talents and eventually she discovered photography in 1999. Her talents in computer manipulation and compositing set her images apart from standard photographic images.Tashia’s past and present accomplishments include exhibits at the Palos Verdes Art Center 2009, the America the Beautiful exhibit at the Dulles Airport 2012, and at the Annual Flower Mart at the National Cathedral in Washington,D.C, as well as award winning images displayed at the Orange County Fair, in 2013.Tashia’s will have the honor of having her work on display this year in the Festival of the Arts in Laguna Beach.Tashia was presented with the Master of Photography degree 2012, and Photographic Craftsman degree 2013, by Professional Photographers of America. Her accomplishments include awards from the top industry organizations, inclusion of images and articles for leading industry journals, and involvement in local, state and national professional associations.She exhibited in the Laguna Beach festival of Arts this past summer of 2014. She is also included in the Laguna Beach juried exhibit at city hall through November 28, 2014.Currently, Tashia continues her craft with portraiture and fine art photography. She is focused on working toward Professional Photographers of America degree of Master Artist, as well as a personal project known as “The Archetype Series”.Learn More